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    Welcome to RiddleCraft!


    This is the official website for RiddleCraft, the best, lag free survival Minecraft server out there! From here you will get information on what the server is about, what we do as well as how to join us.



    A brief summary of the server:


    RiddleCraft is a Minecraft server made for survival and for a bit of PvP for everyone to join. There are many servers out there that promise great fun and great performance and, sadly, end up lacking in the performance area. We at RiddleCraft strive to fix this by providing our own great performance server for all to use and play in with the guarantee of friendly staff, players, 24/7 uptime and absolutely maxed out performance and optimisation to provide a lag free experience!



    Here is our performance guarantee:


    24/7 server uptime

    Always running the latest version of Minecraft

    Completely dedicated CPU and RAM

    Very fast network speed (over 100mbps)

    Fully optimised server using performance plugins


    As well as support from all of our staff members 24/7!



    What do we do on RiddleCraft?


    RiddleCraft is a vanilla Minecraft server dedicated to Minecraft's survival mode, so everything we do is based on this. On RiddleCraft, you are able to do anything you want like exploring new parts of the world, making shops for other players to buy from or hunting down mobs and players! There are no actual limits to what you can do but we make sure that we do everything as a community, even including some events on occasion! We're always around so you can be sure there's always new things to do together and new people to talk to.



    So, want to join?


    You can join the server anytime you want by copy pasting this text into your Minecraft client:



    To start off you will need to follow the instructions given when you join in to be able to play, and should ideally read the rules. Here is a list of the rules we use:


    1: Be respectful towards others

    2: Profanity is allowed, but stay respectful

    3: No griefing

    4: No spamming or advertising

    5: No use of hacked clients or cheats


    We prefer to keep rules relatively lax, however we have an absolute zero tolerance towards cheats and hacked clients. So other than this, there is some leeway that can be given on the other rules. We prefer to give more freedom to our players so we believe that the more lax, the better.



    Voting for the server:


    Voting for RiddleCraft is very easy and quick to do. All you need to do is to go to voting links and you give your in-game username so that you can be given your daily reward. The vote goes through within a few seconds so you are given your reward very quickly! Here are the links you can use to vote for the server:




    Servers can be voted for every 24 hours so you can always check in to make your vote after this time. The best part about this? You are given a reward per link you vote on! With this, make sure to vote on all the links daily for the most rewards!



    How to contact us:


    If you want to leave a message for us, be it for feedback or suggestions, make sure to send us an email on this link:


    [email protected]



    Discord Server:


    Alternatively we run a Discord server as well to make sure that communication with players and staff is available all the time. From there you can receive announcements, talk to other players and staff about anything. In addition to this you can use this as a channel to contact the staff in case you need any assistance on the server. Here is our join link:



    We recommend that you join the RiddleCraft Discord server as this is where all of our news and info goes, so is important to do if you like our server and want to keep up to date with it!



    Other bits of info:


    We are constantly developing RiddleCraft and our Minecraft server so you can expect many improvements to be made over time. As a reminder we are open 24/7 and have staff available all the time if you need to get in contact with one of us for any questions or issues. For now this is the end of our info so thanks for reading so far! We will update on new developments that come out. Make sure to check back frequently!